About Us
About Us

S.R.G.Biotics Pvt. Ltd. has dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities for Beta-Lactam Dry powder Injections. The company runs on envisioned strategies to excel with pronounced success

We have state-of- the-art Manufacturing unit, built with latest equipments and technology, ensuring highest levels of process integrity and product quality. Facility will be soon open to audit by UK MHRA among others like PIC/s etc. to enable steady flow of product approvals.

The company has been envisioned by visionary groups who have merged together their experience, talents, energies and resources to form a company of enterprise, financial prudence, corporate governance, supreme quality and excellence.


Quality and precision matters utmost. A state of the art, fully integrated quality control system has been put in place to ensure highest standard of quality.

Quality control

We have dedicated QC laboratories having Wet lab, Instrumentation lab and Microbiology lab with latest and sophisticated instruments. All required instruments for Validation and Calibration of equipments and process are also installed to support Good Manufacturing, Good Laboratory and Good Engineering practices. Equipped with instruments like HPLCs, Online and Offline TOC analyzer, UV visible spectrophotometer, FTIR, KF apparatus, Particle Size Analyzer, Online Particle Counter, Vitek-2 [Bacterial Identification tester].

Quality Assurance

QA team is in place right from the initiation of project to ensure documentations like URS, DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ from project stage. Validation of all equipments, process, water & HVAC system, all documents like Site Master File, SOP's of all dept., Equipments, Process & Validation etc. are ready and are implemented

Our Logo is a unique representation of what modern technology can do for the ailing society, signifying that both are inseparable. It is also designed to give us a corporate identity and that we are prepared for the challenging business paradigms in an increasingly globalised world. The upward facing arrowhead signifies direction, force, movement, power and indicates our direction of travel – ever upwards. It directs towards infinite growth and that the company has set its goals very high and that in its quest to reach for the sky it will settle for nothing less. The two letter forms are entwined in each other to amalgamate into a single composite whole. The arms of Finebiotics are reaching out to the stars, its rays committed to dispelling darkness and pain from humanity. The bright colors are significant of our determination to illuminate and brighten everyone we touch and everything we do. The Green and Blue are specifically chosen colors with green symbolic of growth and development and blue being the universal color for knowledge and wisdom. The integral part of logo is our motto "Empowering Healthcare" mirroring our belief that eventually humanity should benefit from everything that we do and that our work should transcend beyond commercial concerns and that it is our responsibility and obligation to make the world we live in a healthier and better place.


To be a knowledge-driven pharmaceutical company committed to the highest levels of operational excellence offering niche range of Pharma products.


  • To redefine the standards of an ethical, qualitative and quantitative business concern.
  • To be recognized worldwide for quality products.
  • To be driven by integrity, teamwork and excellence.
  • To have a double digit CAGR.
  • To earn repute and respect through the products we offer.

Core Values

  • To maintain quality as core of our guiding principles
  • To have excellence, accountability and integrity as focused values
  • To conceive, develop and deliver a qualitative product range through strict quality control, dedicated people and conducive atmosphere
  • To maintain TQM with all stakeholders including customers, partners and suppliers as per QC100
  • To maintain high standards of ethical conduct
  • To take pride in our performance.
  • To manage operations with high concern for safety and environment.
  • To be a responsible corporate citizen.
  • To be one team with one goal.